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Are you looking for new, innovative ways to increase trust, build brand loyalty, increase customer success, or support your online clients?

The winners of the digital economy are not the companies or non-profits with the largest advertising budgets. It's the ones that build the biggest and most engaged community. That's why we're taking a community-first approach to our digital marketing services. We help you leverage your community to create an engaged audience and grow your business or organization.


Our award-winning community team has built and managed global communities online since 2012. Brand communities can help Increase brand loyalty, spark product innovation, collect product feedback, and more. A brand community or Facebook Group can also decrease research and development while uniting stakeholders and clients around a shared purpose with authentic messaging.

Our digital marketing experts design strategies that give you a competitive edge. We align our marketing strategies with your business goals to develop a community strategy that works for you. Professionally managed Groups and Communities increase help with customer acquisition, retention, and success while decreasing customer support expenses. We take community seriously, and so should you. Invest in a professionally developed and managed Brand Community today and enjoy the benefits for years.

Here is a 10-point marketing analysis tailored for optimizing Facebook groups:

  1. Group Purpose and Goals: Clearly define the purpose and goals of the Facebook group, ensuring alignment with the overall marketing and business objectives.

  2. Target Audience Identification: Identify and understand the target audience for the Facebook group, creating detailed personas to tailor content and engagement strategies effectively.

  3. Content Strategy: Develop a comprehensive content strategy that includes engaging posts, discussions, polls, videos, and live sessions to keep members active and interested.

  4. Community Guidelines: Establish clear and concise community guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful environment within the group, fostering healthy discussions and interactions.

  5. Engagement Tactics: Implement engagement tactics such as regular prompts, questions, and challenges to encourage member participation and foster a sense of community.

  6. Moderation and Management: Define roles and responsibilities for group moderators, ensuring consistent and fair enforcement of community guidelines and timely responses to member inquiries.

  7. Promotion and Recruitment: Develop a plan for promoting the group both within and outside of Facebook, leveraging other social media channels, email lists, and website integration to attract new members.

  8. Data Analysis and Insights: Regularly analyze group insights and member engagement data to understand what content resonates with the audience and adjust the content strategy accordingly.

  9. Partnerships and Collaborations: Explore opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with relevant businesses, influencers, or organizations to expand the group’s reach and provide additional value to members.

  10. Feedback and Iteration: Encourage member feedback through surveys or polls to understand their needs and preferences, using this input to improve the group experience continuously.


This 10-point analysis provides a comprehensive framework for optimizing Facebook groups, ensuring they are effectively managed, engaging, and aligned with the organization’s marketing and community-building goals. Do you have an online community or Facebook Group that is underperforming? We offer Community strategies, moderation, and optimization services to ensure ROI. We are happy to assess and optimize your group or community today.

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